General Info

Fatih Bilingual School, was established and started giving education on 2005 in Banda Aceh, post-tsunami capital city of Aceh region of Indonesia.

On December of 2006 – second year of Asian Tsunami- FBS moved to new building which is built by donations by Turkish civilian organizations through efforts of Pasiad Indonesia Foundation. Inauguration of new building was attended by highly ranked official of Republic of Indonesia and Republic of Turkiye. Among which Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo – Education Minister of RI, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Saglam – Former Education Minister of Turkiye, Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin – Head of PP Muhammadiyah.




FBS was institution under the umbrella of Yayasan Fatih Indonesia and cooperates with Pasiad Indonesia foundation. However now FBS cooperates with Fulton Science Academy.

On the date of 26 December 2004 largest disaster of the century has striken the Aceh region of Indonesia. In this “Gate of Mekkah” and together with neighboring countries around 500,000 people lost their lives. More than half of that figure were Achenese. City has become unrecognizable. Not long after the disaster, a group of volunteer Turkish teachers and entrepreneurs have left their work and arrived in the region. There were really a lot of things to be done in the region. And one evening from across the oceans arrived an airplane carrying unnamed heroes who would change the destiny of thousands. They came with the aim to build a school, and yet the one of the best schools in the world. They contributed and shared everything they had, in order to construct this home of education, named as Fatih Bilingual School (FBS). Within short period this school has become a pride of the Aceh region with outstanding achievements in national and international Olympiads. The reliability it earned has even prepared the ground for Teuku Nyak Arif foundation to cooperate in launching another school – a girls’ school in Banda Aceh. These schools are now annually visited by hundreds of guests from al around the world.


A. Visi
Terwujudnya generasi emas yang berakhlak mulia, berakal cerdas, berwawasan global, dan berakar budaya Indonesia serta mampu mengaktualisasikannya dalam kehidupan bermasyarakat.

B. Misi
1. Menjadikan sekolah sebagai lembaga pendidikan terbaik dalam memberikan ruang bagi berkembangnya potensi diri siswa dan guru.
2. Meningkatkan kualitas pemahaman dan profesionalitas guru mengenai pendidikan sesuai dengan perkembangan yang ada.
3. Menyiapkan siswa melanjutkan studi ke jenjang pendidikan yang lebih tinggi dengan sistem pembelajaran yang berkualitas dan penerapan teknologi terkini.
4. Mengembangkan sikap cinta terhadap sesama, bangsa, dan negara pada diri siswa.
5. Menumbuhkembangkan peran serta masyarakat (orang tua siswa) dalam aktivitas pendidikan.

C. Tujuan kami
• Meningkatkan kualitas sumber daya manusia yang handal dalam percaturan global dengan mengedepankan terciptanya daya saing yang kuat.
• Menerapkan sistem pendidikan yang berorientasi pada transformasi ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi terbaru.
• Mendorong dan memfasilitasi para siswa dalam berbagai kompetisi akademik dan non-akademik baik tingkat nasional maupun internasional.
• Memfasilitasi Tenaga Pendidik dan Kependidikan untuk meningkatkan profesionalisme dalam melaksanakan tugas.
• Menghasilkan tenaga pendidik dan kependidikan yang mampu mengoperasikan sarana teknologi informasi dan komunikasi modern.
• Mengembangkan dan meningkatkan sistem mutu sekolah sesuai standar yang diakui secara global.
• Memberikan pelayanan pendidikan yang bermutu untuk mengimbangi persaingan dalam skala lokal maupun global.
• Mengembangkan sistem pendidikan dan bimbingan dengan terus beradaptasi pada perubahan lingkungan yang dinamis.
• Mengembangkan sistem bimbingan yang berorientasi pada terciptanya manusia yang berakhlak mulia.
• Mengoptimalkan layanan bimbingan untuk meningkatkan ketakwaan terhadap Tuhan Yang Maha Esa.
• Menjalin hubungan yang harmonis dengan orang tua siswa maupun masyarakat untuk mewujudkan keberhasilan dalam pendidikan di sekolah


School has a unique curriculum that covers Indonesian national standards, SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) Subject topics, which is one of the important admission factors of world top ranking universities. It is called unique because it combines the science and life experiences into a single curriculum. Thus the student who gets education in our system doesn’t feel anxious



School provides bilingual education in natural and social science education; even more they provide two foreign languages. Natural science subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are taught in English, that’s why our students can read and understand international publications. Social science subjects are taught in Indonesian so the students are grown up as a person who knows better his/her culture.


Diploma Track

Diploma tracks are choices that the students may choose to graduate from our high schools, which is given right by Indonesian Minister Of Education to s. The Diploma Tracks are based on internationally recognized tests and program, thus our diplomas are international.
a. Standard Diploma: The student will be granted who gets 3 years high school education in one of our school and take required English proficiency test(s).
b. Honor Diploma: The student will be granted who complete standard diploma
c. requirements, plus take one AP course (proven by AP exam) and join a club in 3 years in high school.
d. Advance Diploma: The student will be granted who complete standard diploma requirements, plus take three AP courses (proven by AP exams) and join 3 clubs in 3 years in high school.
Our professional counselors will guide and keep the students in track to get his/her diploma



The target of our teachers’ assessments is not just “what” students understand, the assessments also measure ability of using knowledge, “how” and “where” to use knowledge by formative assessments. Beside all these assessments our professional department chairs prepare a central exam to screen our student level among our schools, whether they meet national standards, and international standards. So we discuss the results over nights keep our schools at same standard level.



Technology became most trending object in 2000s, even no one imagine today’s technology at the time.  aware about the growth of technology and put the technology first place in schools to grow kids who can catch the time in his/her age. But never ignore the experiences from past. This is our strength; we combine today’s technology with past’s experiences. Our experts always search new technologies for our schools.



Student Information System (SIS) combines three pivot points of education, which are teacher, student, and parent to each other. s send any activity of students in school to their parents’ mobile phone by Internet. It is a unique communication system that parent can reach anything such as attendance, grade, homework, curriculum, extracurricular activities, and behavior log through the system. The aim of SIS is to put student first place to parent’s agenda even they don’t have any time.




Teuku Nyak Arif Fatih Bilingual School is deeply concerned about moral standards, we have a goal to build new generations of highly competent graduates with high morale.


A combination of national an international curriculum, and experienced teachers

With a sound basis of national and international curriculum and supported by competent local as well as foreign teachers, students are trained to habituate a global attitude, whereby they will be enabled to interact effectively in international environment including a readiness to pursue overseas education.


Adequate Facilities

With a large school building, comfortable environment and complete supporting facilities for learning, sports and arts, and adequate boarding house the atmosphere is very supportive to the learning process.


Extra Curricular Programs

In addition to the formal curriculum, students are given the opportunity to attend special classes like, multimedia, and painting. There are also services of a school doctor and various clubs like Arts Club, Language Club, Sport Club, Science Club etc.


Olympiad of Science

The school conducts special programs to prepare students to join overseas International Science Olympiads.


Boarding School Concept

A special education and training concept is applied especially for junior high school and senior high school students – with the objective to build strong personalities in readiness for social interactions – and fortify them against negative influences.


Character Building

Our education system is essentially a well-integrated communication mechanism between teachers and students parent implemented by way of regular meetings and dialogue sessions and non-formal program.


Preparation for Overseas Studies

Teuku Nyak Arif Fatih Bilingual School conducts preparatory programs for students who are planning to pursue higher overseas education